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Renewable sustainable energy solutions for cleaner, greener energy.

By now we all know that we need to move away from fossil fuels for a multitude of reasons. The financial, business and environmental benefits of doing so are significant.

Our business is helping our clients transition from fossil fuels and expensive tariffs to generating their own energy on site from energy that is currently going to waste, such as solar, waste heat and even the wind to reduce their annual energy bills and become more environmentally friendly.

The Financial,

Whether our clients use their own capital for transitioning to green energy or use our financial support options, there are numerous financial benefits including;

  • reduced annual energy bills as soon as the project is switched on
  • cost and tax savings
  • significant long-term energy cost savings
  • increased profitability
  • up to 100% of the capital costs can be covered by our financial support options increasing the clients available capital for investment elsewhere.

Business, and

The business benefits to adopting renewable energy rather than fossil fuels  are numerous, and include:

  • increased energy dependence and security
  • enhanced sustainability
  • reduced energy bills helping to enhance profits
  • instant green credentials 
  • increased stakeholder and shareholder confidence
  • a clear corporate social responsibility and environmental statement

Environmental Benefits

Harvesting all that renewable and sustainable energy that is currently going to waste, has obvious environmental benefits:

  • reduced environmental impact of the business
  • a smaller carbon footprint from reduced carbon emissions
  • helping to make carbon neutrality easier
  • improving living and working environments
  • a clear “Be seen to be green” message to all stakeholders and shareholders

The fast-track alternatives to fossil fuels for buildings & land.

Although we can design, arrange funding and finance for, and install solar arrays on commercial property and land, solar farms, wind turbines, onshore and offshore wind farms, biomass reactors, etc, many of these technologies take time to complete, often need planning permission, and require integration with the National Grid, all of which can cause further delays in how quickly one can become cleaner and greener, and start enjoying lower energy bills.

The following proven green energy solutions are not really ‘instant’ but can be implemented within a matter of weeks, usually without planning permission, using a simple linear timeline.

  • Solar 
  • Waste heat capture 
  • Combined heat and power


1: Project site survey and appraisal   

2: Approval by the client 

3: Apply for funding   

4: National grid connection approval

5: Agree an install date

Harvesting and converting wasted renewable energy for a multitude of business, financial and environmental benefits




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