Hausch Renewable Energy Solutions

Adopting renewable energy to reduce operating costs and carbon footprints with zero capital expenditure. 


Enabling cleaner greener renewable sustainable energy for a leaner business.

Our business is helping property and land owners adopt and install renewable sustainable energy solutions to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint with zero capital expenditure.

The financial, business and environmental benefits of doing so are significant…

Financial Benefits

Up to 100% of the capital costs can be funded to cover the costs of installing a choice of renewable energy technologies inclusive of maintenance. There are numerous financial benefits including;

  • increased capital for investment as existing capital can now be used elsewhere.
  • cost and tax savings
  • reduced annual energy bills as soon as the project is switched on
  • Significant long-term energy cost savings
  • increased profitability

Business Benefits

The business benefits to adopting renewable energy rather than fossil fuels  are numerous, and include:

  • increased energy dependence and security
  • enhanced sustainability
  • reduced energy bills helping to enhance profits
  • instant green credentials 
  • increased stakeholder and shareholder confidence
  • a clear corporate social responsibility and environmental statement

Environmental Benefits

Harvesting all that renewable and sustainable energy that is currently going to waste, has obvious environmental benefits:

  • reduced environmental impact of the business
  • a smaller carbon footprint from reduced carbon emissions
  • helping to make carbon neutrality easier
  • improving living and working environments
  • a clear “Be seen to be green” message to all stakeholders and shareholders

Our team, projects and green technologies

A dynamic team of specialists

We are pleased to have a number of excellent and established partners enabling us to fund, facilitate, and install renewable and sustainable energy solutions on small-scale localised projects to massive energy renewable energy grid projects.

Our partners include:

  • Private equity investment and pension funds
  • Manufacturers & Fabricators
  • Facilities management, property management and land development companies
  • Installers and Project Managers

Projects of all shapes and sizes

Our projects vary in size from smaller-scale localised projects to massive renewable energy grid projects.

For example, here are some of the projects we have and are currently working on:

Adding renewable energy harvesting and storage, and cost reduction measures to:

  • Commercial buildings and land
  • Airport buildings and land
  • Religious and community buildings
  • Leisure and sports centresSchools and colleges
  • Government buildings
  • Defence ministries buildings and land
  • Government and Private estates

Proven green energy technologies

The technolgies for harvesting energy from renewable and sustainable sources and from waste heat and materials are now mainstream and continuing to evolve rapidly. 

Technologies at our disposal include:

  • Solar panel arrays.  
  • Electricity from waste heat capture
  • Combined heat & power systems (CHP)
  • Biomass powered electricity generation
  • Hydrogen as a carrier as well as storage
  • Ground and air source heat exchange
  • Wind turbines
  • Wave power

Harvesting wasted energy

for a multitude of business, financial and environmental benefits  




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