Battery based storage solutions are helping to make fossil fuels obsolete by addressing the issue of intermittency of sunlight and wind.

California appears to be leading from the front in the effort to balance the intermittency of renewable energy in electric grids with utility-scale energy storage batteries. A 250-megawatt system recently went online in San Diego, a 100-megawatt installation is nearing completion in Long Beach and another 1820megawatt plant should be switched during 2021.

Almost as if California is setting an example, the rest of the world is following closely behind. A 409-megawatt system has recently been announced in Florida and a 320-megawatt plant is being built near London. Lithuania is building a 200-megawatt energy storage facility and Chilli, too with a 112-megawatt storage bank to supplement their renewable energy installations.

It’s not just utility-scale projects

It’s not just solar grids, smart grids, etc. that require energy storage as part of the renewable energy technology mix. 24-hour demand for electricity needs to be maintained when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing applies to all renewable energy installations whether they are large residential or commercial properties, or even micro-grids as in industrial estates, business parks, airports, etc. Intelligent energy storage is an essential part of any green energy project 

How can we help you?

All of our installations include the recommended option to include a back-up, emergency, reserve energy option. Typically these are in the form of battery banks, but there are other energy storage options available depending on the particular needs of the project and the client’s preferences.

For UK clients, our solar and battery team, who are members of the RECC are experts in the installation of solar PV systems and battery storage solutions, servicing the whole of the UK. Our suppliers enable us to offer the best quality panels and products for fully backed insured installations with QANW.

For large-scale commercial projects both in the UK and overseas our larger projects team can provide various types of bespoke energy storage solutions from established and emerging technologies to suit each project’s particular requirements. 

  • Enquiries are cost and commitment-free.
  • For clients funding their own projects, no deposits are required, and no payments until completion.
  • For clients who prefer not to use their own capital, we have a number of funding options that facilitate our clients adopting renewable energy without capital expenditure and still reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint from “day 1”

More information

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