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“Reduced energy costs & carbon footprints for data centres & server farms”

“Energy Efficiency Is a Hot Problem for Data Centres

As companies get more innovative on the computing front, they have to figure out how to keep things cool – literally.” (Bloomburg Opinion 2020)

Data centres and energy usage

Data centres use hundreds of terawatt hours (TWh) each year, more than the national energy consumption of some countries, but half of the electricity used for transport worldwide, and just 1% of global electricity demand

Data centres contribute around 0.3% to overall carbon emissions, whereas the information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem as a whole accounts for more than 2% of global emissions. That puts ICT’s carbon footprint on a par with the aviation industry’s emissions from fuel.

One of the most worrying models predicts that electricity use by ICT could exceed 20% of the global total by the time a child born today reaches his or her teens, with data centres using more than one-third of that. (

Data centres and server farms are therefore responsible for a huge amount of the global electricity usage; with consumption predicted to treble even further in the coming years. Industry professionals have forecasted that regulations will become increasingly demanding for Data centres and server farms to address the impact of their carbon emissions.

As a result, the European Commission have responded by requesting data centres and server farms obtain 80% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. 

A solution is therefore for data centres and server farms to generate their own electricity from renewable and more sustainable sources.

Self generated sustainable energy

Hausch Energy can help data centres and server farms mitigate this by generating their own renewable and sustainable energy on site for free at no cost, no capital expenditure, no interest, no repayments, no maintenance costs . . . 

. . . at zero cost and with reduced energy bills

The financial benefits of this funded project are significant as are the obvious environmental benefits and corporate social responsibility been seen to be actually green in our increasingly aware, accountable and regulatory society.

Self-generating energy on-site 

Data centres, server farms and ICT providers have a number of options for generating their own energy to reduce their energy bills and increase profitability and environment friendliness by using energy that is currently going to waste.

Fundable solutions include …

  • Solar panels on the roof or on the ground, either on-site, or on adjacent or nearby land.
  • solar carports and canopies can use the unused space above the car parking spaces to generate electricity rather than just heat the car park and the vehicles parked there.
  • Wind turbines are an option depending on the site and planning permission
  • Combined Heat and Power generators (CHP) are 80% more energy efficient capturing and using waste heat to generate electricity for heating and ventilation of the data centre.
  • Replacing interior and exterior lighting with intelligent  LED lighting further reduces energy demand and ongoing energy costs.

And all of the above and more, including servicing and maintenance  can be fully funded by Hausch Energy

100% Project Funding 

  • For qualifying companies, organisations, local Governments and projects
  • Construction of solar and wind farms
  • Zero capital costs, interest rates and repayments

Funded renewable energy harvesting technologies

  • Roof and ground mounted solar
  • Solar carports and canopies
  • Wind turbines
  • Biomass
  • Thermal heat exchange

Additional funded technologies

  • Interior and exterior SMART LED Lighting
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • 80% cleaner Combined Heat & Power generators (CHP)

Financial & environmental benefits

By concientiously and cost effectively harvesting renewable & sustainable energy that is currently goes to waste, by effectively generating their own energy on site, hausch customers enjoy:

  • Lower ongoing energy costs
  • Increased profits and funds
  • Lower carbon emissions and smaller carbon footprint
  • Increased energy security
  • Instant green credentials

Practical benefits can include:

  • protection for vehicles and users whilst parked
  • intelligent charging of electric vehicles
  • improved safety with better brighter lighting in and around the building
  • more effective heating and ventilation

    Download our guide to Hausch

    A plain english guide to hausch and how it facilitates and funds renewable and sustainable energy projects for companies, organisations, landowners and local governments.

    Next Steps

    At this initial stage, it’s probably best to have a purely exploratory telephone meeting with one of our team. We have our own in-house data centre and server farm specialist along with engineers who can build a project model for you to show financial and environmental impact as well as answer your questions. 

    If you want to take things further, we just need to know more about your electricity usage in order that we can present you with the project brief.

    To arrange a callback just drop us a line at   


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