Go Green

Reducing annual energy costs

Increasing profitability & energy security

Reducing carbon footprint

Demonstrating green credentials

Introducing the Gurdwara's Go Green scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to enable Gurdwaras to:

  • Reduce their annual energy costs and carbon footprint, and
  • Increase profitability, energy security and demonstrate their green credentials

. . . by capturing and using renewable and sustainable solar energy that is currently going to waste, generating their own electricity on site, in a self-funding manner requiring no capital expenditure or additional costs by the Gurdwara.

In summary, installing greener energy tech with all the costs of doing so being paid for from the energy bill savings and still reducing the Gurdwara’s annual energy bills at the same time.

How it works

Hausch Energy, a renewable energy solutions and funding partnership offers the Gurdwaras Go Green Scheme a fully funded renewable energy generation solution designed to:

  • reduce the annual energy costs of the Gurdwara by installing a range of greener technologies on-site to provide up to 100% of the energy requirements whilst remaining connected to the national grid should the size and nature of the installation not be sufficient to meet the Gurdwara’s total energy usage.
  • fund up to 100% of the project,  installation and commissioning paid for from the financial savings of the programme with the balance being paid to the member as reduced energy bills. At the end of the programme the ownership of the installation is transferred completely to the Gurdwara to continue using for the working life of the technology, for example with solar panels that are guaranteed for 25 years.
  • increase energy security by having self-generation and energy storage on site.
  • declare instant green credentials to the community as a result of the reduced carbon footprint of the member as well as being seen to be green and contributing to solving our climate emergency. 

Fully Funded

“Up to 100%” explained

The cost of the scheme is funded from the energy savings.
Each project is a simple balancing equation between:

  • the amount and type of technology that is able to be installed on-site
  • the energy usage of the member
  • the term of the programme
  • the return on investment to the funder.

Where there is sufficient space to install enough technology to satisfy the ongoing energy consumption of the member then this would be a fully funded complete installation covering the total energy requirements and costs of the member.

Should from time to time the Gurdwara require more electricity than the installation is providing, that shortfall is provided by National Grid, therefore the energy costs are still significantly reduced proportionately.

A simple process

1. To join the scheme, all the Gurdwara needs to do is to submit, free of charge or commitment, the three most recent quarterly energy bills, details, and location of the freehold property – there are no application forms, contracts, or agreements to complete.

2. Hausch conduct a remote site survey and run initial calculations based on the information provided.

3. Hausch presents to the Gurdwara a personalised proposal for their consideration providing the proposed most suitable solution, the timescales and the projected financial and greenhouse gas emission savings over the term of the programme and from the continued long-term use of the installation.

4. Once the Gurdwara’s decision-makers have agreed and wish to proceed they commit to the programme and authorise Hausch Energy to proceed with the project.

5. Upon receipt of the Gurdwara’s instructions, Hausch Energy will commission an engineer site survey and report.

6. Upon approval by the Gurdwara for the project and its contract term, the formal application is submitted:

  • to the funder for underwriting and approval
  • to the National Grid’s District Network Officer for installation approval

7. Once the application is successful, the Gurdwara is given a Project Schedule and installation can commence. It normally takes one working day per 10kW of installation.

Questions and Answers

How is 100% funded? How is this financed? Why don’t we have to pay anything?

We have a number of funders and lenders that will finance each project on a case by case basis.

They cover the full cost of the programme, hardware, and installation.

The cost of the funding is deducted from the Gurdwara’s now reduced energy bills over the life of the scheme until the cost of the scheme has been covered.

Once the funding has been covered at the end of the scheme, the Gurdwara’s energy bills reduce even further.

How long is the scheme?

This will depend on the size of the project and how low we can make the electricity bills. Smaller projects may only need a 5-year programme, larger or more complicated projects can be extended to 10 years.

What happens when the scheme ends? Who owns the installation?

Once the scheme is finished and the cost of the funding covered, the Gurdwara now receives the full savings on the electricity bills, and the installation is owned completely by the Gurdwara.

What guarantees are there?

Different technologies have different guarantees. For example, solar panels that have a guaranteed working life of 25 years.

What about servicing and maintenance?

Those costs are included during the scheme. Once the scheme is over, the Gurdwara can have an ongoing service agreement paid for from the now significantly reduced annual energy bills.

How can I find out more information or ask further questions?

You can contact the scheme director Surjit Singh Duhre by email at

Joining the scheme free of charge

There are no application forms to complete – Hausch Energy invites the Gurdwara to join the scheme, free of charge or commitment, explaining the details and answering any questions before doing so.

Your Details

Let us know how to get back to you.


Property/Project site information


You can add your last 12 months energy bills to your enquiry.
Alternatively, you can forward them separately by email to us at with your site name in the subject line.



Please feel free to add any additional information, ask a question or simply leave a notes or comments here.


What happens next?

Once we have the above information and your last 12 months energy bills...

  1. we will conduct a remote online site survey and run initial calculations based on the information provided.
  2. we will then send you by email a personalised proposal for your consideration, providing the proposed most suitable solution, the timescales and the projected financial and greenhouse gas emission savings over the term of the programme and from the continued long-term use of the installation.

There is no cost or commitment to you in any way for receiving your report.

Only once we have answered all your questions and you want to proceed you then instruct us to proceed with your self-contained self-funded renewable energy project

If you have any questions you can email the scheme manager, Surjit Singh Duhre, at

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