Waste Heat Recovery

Generating electricity by capturing and reusing wasted heat. 

Waste Heat Capture

Solving the ‘heated’ topic of wasted unused heat energy

“Energy is Expensive” but every day, all over the world, heat is constantly escaping from buildings and is simply being lost as a waste of energy and a waste of money.  

Having the ability to instead capture and convert that wasted heat into ‘new’ electricity you haven’t had to buy from your energy supplier is obviously a very green technology that will reduce annual electricity bills and carbon footprints.

Waste heat recovery technologies can be used in most buildings that have plant and machinery that ‘leak’ or expel heat to convert it to electricity than can be stored or used on demand to power other processes such as heating, hot water, etc.

The business and environmental benefits

By harvesting the energy escaping to the atmosphere better value for money is achieved. By capturing and re-using this waste heat, businesses can reduce the amount of “new” electricity to be purchased from their energy suppliers.

As well as reducing business energy costs, waste heat capture technologies are by definition a greener, cleaner tech that reduces one’s carbon footprint in two fundamental ways.

  • Waste heat is captured and re-used rather than heating up the atmosphere.
  • it reduces the amount of fossil fuel based energy being bought in from electricity suppliers 

Organic Rankine Cycling (ORC)

Organic Rankine Cycling Technology (ORC) is a proven and reliable type of waste heat recovery and recycling technology.

ORC It is not a new technology. According to Wikipedia’s article, the technology was first developed in the late 1950’s by Lucien Broniki, and Israeli physicist Harry Zvi Tabor. 

It is an established technology in use all over the world. By the end of 2016 ORC was already producing more than 2.7GW of installed capacity from 698 recorded power plants worldwide. 

ORC has many possible applications including the following fields;

  • Waste heat recovery from industrial and farming processes
  • Biomass power plant efficiencies
  • Geothermal powered generation 
  • Solar thermal parabolic based power stations


Advanced ORC 

One of our partners, British based company ORCogen delivers what is called “Advanced ORC”

Their advanced ORC solutions have a number of extra advantages over traditional ORC. Their units, manufactured by world leader Rank, are ideal for converting lower temperature ranges and dispersed heat sources in a wide range of industries.

As a specialist partner, ORCogen and Hausch Energy are both committed to providing our customers a sustainable energy alternative in a world of diminishing non-renewable resources; while ensuring that business principles of reducing cost and strong ROI are delivered.

Learn more about Advanced ORC

James Langworth is our resident subject matter expert on all things relating to Organic Rankine Cycling. He has been instrumental in helping our customers reduce their annual energy costs and carbon footprint by using ORC to recycle their waste heat. 

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