LED Lighting

SMART Intelligent internal & external LED lighting


Why are we funding LED's?

As you read the advantages below, although LED lighting itself does not itself harvest renewable energy, it is an excellent way of using energy, from whatever source, more energy effectively and cost effectively, reducing the energy consumption and having to deal with the heat generated by traditional lighting. 

We regard an intelligent LED lighting system as an essential part of the mix for clients installing different renewable energy solutions. 

Some clients just cant have solar, or wind, of even a CHP generator, so by installing LED lighting throughout and around the property, they are saving money, reducing energy consumption and going a long way to  being more energy sustainable and enviromentally friendly.


The advantages of energy efficient LED lighting

LED lights last far longer, up to 15 years with normal usage. They don’t burn out over time like halogens or incandescent, or lose any brightness.

They’re enormously energy-efficient with 80-90% of their energy creating light rather than heat. Whereas non-LED systems are only 20% efficient.

They’re ecologically-sound by not containing any toxic compounds or elements.

They are 100% recyclable

Using LED lights will help you to reduce your carbon footprint by a third.

Lasting typically 35 times more than a halogen saves on material and production costs.

LED’s are also very tough and durable being made with sturdy materials and components that can stand up to harsh weather, shocks, vibrations and abrasion. This is why they’re increasingly adopted for roadside and civil engineering applications.

They have almost no UV emissions, they produce very little infra-red light, hence why museums are using them for artefact safe illumination.

They offer great design flexibility for technically-useful lighting.

They can work in extreme temperatures unlike other incandescent or fluorescent which can be affected by cold.

They work brightly and instantly, and can be turned on and off repeatedly without affecting their performance over their long lifespan.


Intelligent lighting

One of the features of a smart controlled lighting system is that different zones can be set at preferred levels.

For example, in corridors and unoccupied rooms the lighting settings sit at, say, 15% power but as soon as movement is detected within 5m of the fitting it ramps up to 100%. This is then held for five minutes after which, if there is no further movement detected, it reverts to 15%.

If no movement is detected for, say 40 minutes then the fitting switches off. Replicating this function across the whole building constitutes an estimated reduction of over 80% in energy usage.


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