Solar Solutions

Harvesting storing and using all that free energy that is currently going to waste



Roof Mounted Solar Arrays


Solar Carports and Canopies


Ground Mounted & Solar Farms


Solar Energy must be the safest and most sustainable form of energy for our planet, so much of which goes to waste.

Installing solar panels onsite onto the unused roof area of buildings, over car parks, and adjacent or remote land is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way of capturing and generating electricity.

Apart from the environmental benefits of installing a solar solution and transitioning away from fossil fuel-based energy, there are also significant advantages to the business and its profits.

The cost of installing a solar solution can sometimes be a barrier to entry. Businesses have two options for funding a solar-based green energy solution.

  • Use the business’s own capital to purchase hardware and installation, offsetting the purchase as a capital expense. The business will enjoy a significant reduction in their energy bills from ‘Day 1’
  • Use one of our funding options from our partners. and then offset the cost of such funding against the now reduced energy bills. Please note that the business will still reduce their energy bills during this funding period, and those savings will increase once the funding has been repaid.


Reduce the carbon emissions or carbon footprints of property-owning businesses as part of society’s momentum towards a net zero carbon future.

Significantly reduce annual energy bills with accumulating savings, future-proofing against rising electricity costs.

Increasing energy security from on-site self-generation.

Good ROI terms for businesses that fund the installation themselves by purchasing as a capital expense, or businesses that use funding options with the cost of funding offset against the energy bill savings.


Roof mounted solar

Almost any commercial, hospital, hotel, campus, sports, or leisure building is suitable for roof-mounted solar.

You can add solar panels on up to 11,000 square meters of useable roof area you may be able to do so relatively quickly and without planning permission in the UK

As a comparison, A typical English premier league football pitch is around 7,000 square meters. Trafalgar Square in London is 12,000 square meters.

Carports & Canopies

Carports and Canopies that feature integrated solar panels is a resourceful way of supplementing any roof mounted installations to capture energy wasted on  heating the car park and vehicles. 

As well as generating additional electricity to power the buildings, these also provide shade and shelter for vehicles, their occupants and other visitors.

Adding EV charging is another useful option for staff and visors to charge their electric vehicles whilst on-site.

Land & Solar Farms

Solar parks and farms are a simple way of producing safe, renewable, and locally produced energy for many years after construction.  The solutions Hausch and its partners install carry guarantees of 25 years with a realistic lifespan of even longer.

As well as providing renewable electricity to adjacent buildings and/or to a grid, well-designed solar parks and farms can deliver significant benefits for biodiversity and sustainable agriculture across the UK, according to the Solar Trade Association. 

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