UK SME Solar Scheme

Reducing annual energy costs and carbon footprints

Increasing profitability, energy security and green credentials

Introducing the UK SME Solar Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to enable Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SME’s) in the UK to:

  • reduce their annual energy costs and carbon footprint
  • increase profitability and energy security
  • demonstrate their green credentials

. . . by generating their own electricity on-site from sustainable solar energy that is currently going to waste.

Benefits verses Costs

Despite the instant savings to the business, the initial cost of installation can sometimes be a barrier to adoption. Even though that purchase is written off as a capital expense, the business may wish to keep hold of its capital for other investments.

These businesses have another option to using their own capital. They can take advantage of one of our funding options from our partners, and then offset the cost of such funding against the now reduced energy bills.

The business will still reduce its energy bills during this funding period, and those savings will increase dramatically once the funding has been repaid.

5 simple steps for moving to green energy

To get started free of charge or commitment, all you need to do is provide us with the site address and copies of your last year’s energy bills – there are no application forms, contracts, or agreements to complete.

Hausch conduct a remote site survey and run initial calculations based on the information provided.

We will present you with a tailored proposal for your consideration providing the most suitable solution, the timescales, and the projected financial and greenhouse gas emission savings over the term of the scheme and from the continued long-term use of the installation.

Once you wish to proceed, you sign our letter of instruction authorising us to:
– seek approval from the funder
– conduct a full site engineers survey
– seek connection approval from the National Grid.

Once everything is approved we issue a Project Schedule and the installation date can be agreed.

Joining the scheme free of charge

There are no application forms to complete – Hausch Energy invites you to join the scheme, free of charge or commitment, explaining the details and answering any questions before committing yourself to “go solar”.

Property/Project site information


You can attach your last 12 months energy bills to your enquiry, Or, you can email them to us at with your site name and Postcode in the subject line.

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