From airfield to solar farm

A fully-funded project providing 32MW a year to local businesses
and annual income for the site owner

Converting a disused airfield into a solar farm

This project was all about converting a disused airfield into a giant solar energy farm generating 32 Megawatts of power per year

The solar farm was installed on the site of a former RAF Coltishall base in Norfolk

Working with the local council and key stakeholders, RAF Coltishall has been converted by adding solar panel arrays onto the grass areas.

Project outcomes

Project costs

  • Total project cost: £50M
  • Cost to the customer: £zero.
    The project cost was fully funded via a Power Purchase Agreement with one of our funding partners.

Project duration

  • Installation and commissioning: six weeks
  • Lifespan: 25 years +
  • Guarantees: 25 years

Project outcomes

  • 32MW produced per annum, equivalent to enough energy to power 10,000 average UK homes
  • 13,760 tons of CO2 per year
  • Providing a guaranteed income to Norfolk County Council for 25 years


Acknowledgments & Disclaimers

  • All figures have been rounded and are provided for illustration purposes only
  • The header image created in-house from licensed images.
  • The under construction photo is by  Evelyn Simak
  • Aerial shot photographer unknown
  • This page and the content within is the intellectual property of Hausch Energy

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