Adding solar panels to an airport building with a large roof

The building sits within a specialised area servicing a national airport in the UK. The structure itself and their car parking areas gave us plenty of room to play with.

The main aim from the client was to reduce their annual expenditure for electricity – one of their biggest bills to the business.

Being able to do so by using renewable sustainable energy sources was a welcome bonus for their socially responsible image – ‘being seen to be green’ is an excellent PR coup for the company and will certainly be pushed through their marketing division.

Their instant environmental credentials came at zero cost as a result of their installation, all fully funded and at no capital cost to the client.

The new energy system provides more than a third of the energy required for the entire building and generates savings of more than £3,000.00 pm from their energy bill, a reduction of £36,000 a year to spend on other things.

Over the entire lifetime of their energy contract, after making adjustments for inflation, the overall savings for the company will exceed £850,000.00


Image by Bert Braet