Case Studies & Examples
Airport Building

 Commercial building powered by it’s car park

This project included full funding of the installation, commissioning and servicing of a solar powered car park using solar carports and canopies to capture all that energy that was going to waste heating the car park and vehicles. The initial figures show continuous savings in energy costs and carbon emissions.  

  • Existing bills show energy costs of £379,200pa
    Predicted future renewable energy costs would be £316,000 pa
    Estimated savings in the first year of £63,000 which will grow year on year as the difference between what the original energy supplier would have charged and the new guaranteed lower tariff increases.

  • Current annual CO2 emissions are 690,000 Kg,
    Predicted level of CO2 emissions in the first year drops to 430,000 Kg
    Estimated savings in CO2 emissions over the life of the project is in excess of 265,000 Kg
  • An almost 42% reduction in their carbon footprint.
  • Approximately 40% of all energy used in this building will be generated by the car park.

The installation of SMART LED lighting in and around the building will also yield substantial energy and cost savings.

There is also the option to add in electric vehicle charging. 

Total cost to the client: Zero – Everything was covered by the funding, and the client enjoys substantially reduced ongoing annual electricity bills