Case Studies & Examples
Office BUilding in Central London

A multi-tenanted office building in central London

Solar panels were not a practical option for this large multi-occupied office building in central London, and as wind turbines would require planning permission and a lengthy period of wind testing we went down a different path.

The client wanted to:

  • reduce their rather substantial annual energy bill
  • have a more energy-efficient heating and ventilation system for their tenants
  • embrace SMART lighting throughout the building
  • demonstrate their green credentials to their tenants and shareholders

Our solution, which was 100% covered by funding involved the replacement of their now old-fashioned boiler-based heating system with a new, more energy-efficient 1MW Combined Heat and Power generator using natural gas. The reduced carbon emissions are only 20% of a standard boiler and considerably more efficient as it captures the heat in the building for further energy production. As this option is covered by our funding, the customer will save around £600,000 which can now be used for other improvements.

The funding also included replacing all of around 20,000 light fittings in the building with a more energy-efficient, brighter and less power-hungry SMART LED lighting system, which, had the customer had to pay for themselves, would have cost £3.5m

Therefore this customer  benefits from:

  • Been seen to be green by their tenants
  • Savings of over £4M of capital expenditure
  • Included servicing and maintenance
  • Significantly reduced annual energy bills