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Converting scrub-land into a power plant

Converting scrub-land into a power plant

In this particular scenario, there was a 20 acre area of waste land adjacent to a complex of administration and training buildings  of a local organisation. This land was completely going to waste and was not being used in any way.

They were suffering regular and sustained power blackouts due to the instability of the local transmission grid. As a result, the organisation had to invest in diesel generators, which required constant deliveries of diesel fuel to maintain their buildings and lighting energy needs. 

Our engineers conducted an aerial survey on this waste land and plotted that a 4KW solar farm could easily be installed and would supply more than enough constant electrical energy for the organisation’s buildings and even their immediate neighbours.

The cost savings of this project to the customer are jaw dropping!

The implications of this fully funded project 

  • The renewable energy development fund is covering the full cost of all the hardware purchase and installation, as well as ongoing servicing and maintenance.
  • This project includes providing jobs for the local population. 
  • Their ongoing energy costs are being reduced by 65%
  • We haven’t calculated the reduction in CO2 emissions and pollution at the time of writing but the customer can now discard their “dirty diesel generators” and will no longer need diesel deliveries.