Case Studies & Examples
Farmland with Solar

Farmland converted into a Solar Farm

A 13.2 Megawatt solar farm has been installed at Three Legged Cross in Dorset UK. 

The decision to build a large solar farm here was heavily influenced by Dorset having more average sunshine than most other UK locations. This Grade 4 agricultural land, with a soil base of sand and gravel, was an ideal situation for the project.

The project’s 52,000 multicrystalline panels provide enough clean solar electricity to power 4,300 local homes for 25 years. The polycrystalline Honey module performs well in cloudy conditions and exceeds the standard requirements for snow and wind loads and is ideal for all rooftop installations..

This funded project; 

  • generates clean energy to power 4,300 homes for 25 years
  • is saving 5,676 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • includes ongoing maintenance and services.

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