Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Project Finance & Funding

Adam has decades of experience in helping companies achieve their business aims and objectives.

Adam’s primary role with Hausch Energy is to provide tailored funding options for our client’s renewable energy installations all over the world from single commercial properties to multi-site energy grids. from our green-energy-focused funding and finance partners.

Read more about our funding options.

Stina Richardson

Stina Richardson

Stina Richardson
New Projects Co-ordinator

I am a new projects co-ordinator, helping our clients to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint by transitioning from fossil-fuel based energy and expensive national grid tariffs to renewable energy solutions generating electricity on site from sustainable sources. These sources include solar [i], wind, waste heat capture [i] and biomass/refuse-derived fuels [i]

These solutions are ideal for most commercial buildings, hospitals and care homes, universities, local government, leisure, industrial estates, business and retail, parks, and larger scale residential properties and estates.

For those companies wanting to avoid the cost of doing so using their own capital, then I can call upon different project funding and finance options that still provide significant energy cost savings during the project that increase even further once the project has completed, with increasing carbon savings throughout the project and beyond.

You can call me directly and I will be happy to answer any questions for you.

I can also provide you with a tailored energy and project appraisal report free of charge and commitment. All I need to do this is the most basic information about the property and the last 12 months energy bills.

I will personally manage your project and your account from start to finish.

Provide me with the property address and current energy costs in confidence. you can either:

Arrange a callback or

Use the form instead 

I will arrange an aerial survey and calculations and have your report sent to you free of charge or commitment.

If you wish to take it to the next stage then I will arrange a complete ‘physical and engineers survey and project appraisal’ for you to make a final decision to start your transition to green energy instead of fossil fuels.

Golf Club

Golf Club

Case Studies & Examples
Golf Club

Adding solar panels to golf club car park

Howlong Golf Club in New South Wales wanted to:

  • improve their car parking facilities,
  • provide vehicles and passengers with protection against the elements
  • harvest solar energy to reduce their electricity bills.
  • be seen to be green amongst their stakeholders and shakeholders

These solar powered canopies are connected to the main building this reducing their energy bills; 

  • provide protection for the vehicles and their occupants
  • generates 155,000 kWh of clean renewable energy each year for the golf club
  • reduces their ongoing electricity bills
  • is saving approximately 43 tons of CO2 emissions per year


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Farmland with Solar

Farmland with Solar

Case Studies & Examples
Farmland with Solar

Farmland converted into a Solar Farm

A 13.2 Megawatt solar farm has been installed at Three Legged Cross in Dorset UK. 

The decision to build a large solar farm here was heavily influenced by Dorset having more average sunshine than most other UK locations. This Grade 4 agricultural land, with a soil base of sand and gravel, was an ideal situation for the project.

The project’s 52,000 multicrystalline panels provide enough clean solar electricity to power 4,300 local homes for 25 years. The polycrystalline Honey module performs well in cloudy conditions and exceeds the standard requirements for snow and wind loads and is ideal for all rooftop installations..

This funded project; 

  • generates clean energy to power 4,300 homes for 25 years
  • is saving 5,676 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • includes ongoing maintenance and services.
Airfield conversion to a Solar Farm

Airfield conversion to a Solar Farm

From airfield to solar farm

A fully-funded project providing 32MW a year to local businesses
and annual income for the site owner

Converting a disused airfield into a solar farm

This project was all about converting a disused airfield into a giant solar energy farm generating 32 Megawatts of power per year

The solar farm was installed on the site of a former RAF Coltishall base in Norfolk

Working with the local council and key stakeholders, RAF Coltishall has been converted by adding solar panel arrays onto the grass areas.

Project outcomes

Project costs

  • Total project cost: £50M
  • Cost to the customer: £zero.
    The project cost was fully funded via a Power Purchase Agreement with one of our funding partners.

Project duration

  • Installation and commissioning: six weeks
  • Lifespan: 25 years +
  • Guarantees: 25 years

Project outcomes

  • 32MW produced per annum, equivalent to enough energy to power 10,000 average UK homes
  • 13,760 tons of CO2 per year
  • Providing a guaranteed income to Norfolk County Council for 25 years


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  • All figures have been rounded and are provided for illustration purposes only
  • The header image created in-house from licensed images.
  • The under construction photo is by  Evelyn Simak
  • Aerial shot photographer unknown
  • This page and the content within is the intellectual property of Hausch Energy

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