Case Studies & Examples
Local Government building with surface car parking


This is a local Government complex in the UK, a council consisting of a number of administration and community buildings,  and car parks. The Council wants to:

  • comply with the UK Government’ s declared climate emergency
  • reduce its carbon footprint, by reducing carbon emissions from the existing energy suppliers
  • reduce its annual energy bills
  • to achieve this at minimal cost to themselves and the local taxpayers

The Council, realising just how many boxes could be ticked decided to move forward with our funded solution

The problem was that not all of the buildings were suitable for roof-mounted solar panels, and there was no ground available to erect a solar panel array.

The clever solution was to take advantage of all that unused airspace above the car parking spaces by installing solar carports and canopies, connecting them to an intelligent hub in the main building, thus providing them with a number of key benefits…

Financial and environmental benefits

  • Instant green credentials as per the UK Governments climate change emergency
  • Generating 1.1 Megawatts, equivalent to the energy needs of 300 homes, of clean renewable energy each year for the council owned and managed buildings
  • An immediate reduction in their annual electricity bill of around £157,000, that’s an estimated £2M in savings over the life of the project, money that can now be better used in providing services to the community.

Optional extras

The following optional additional technology options to reduce energy use and cost is also also included in teh funding:

  • electric vehicle charging stations for their fossil fuel free green fleet
  • LED lighting in and around the building 
  • 80% more efficient CHP units for heating and ventilation.