Completely covering the cost of going green

Enabling the adoption of cleaner greener energy

This is a fully funded programme which allows companies, organisations, local governments and landowners to install and use their own technology to harvest, store and use energy from renewable and sustainable energy sources and do so at no capital cost to themselves, and with no interest or repayments.

This incentive provides up to 100% funding for all eligible businesses, companies and other organisations such local government, enabling them to be more energy sustainable, reduce their carbon footprint, and at the same time reduce their ongoing energy bills to improve their financial position.

This incentive negates the initial substantial costs that would normally have to be incurred and at the same time brings forward the return on investment from the commissioning date.

Covering the costs of going green

The funding is available for projects that are expected to generate a minimum of one megawatt (1MW) of energy from solar, wind and biomass and CHP projects.

Solar and wind projects would effectively use the airspace above buildings, car parks, public spaces and private or local authority owned land which is currently unused and going to waste.

The programme funds the purchase, installation and commissioning, along with the ongoing maintenance and servicing of the technology.

The programme also pays for the application, underwriting, project management from start to finish, and in some cases can even cover planning permission and legal costs.

Installation of renewable energy generators and CHP can often be done without planning permission. As regulations differ across the UK we have our own specialist planners to hand

Qualifying for funding and lower tariffs

Once the funded project is commissioned and switched on there is no interest rate and there are no repayments.

The customer switches over to buy its energy from the energy company under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) providing energy to the customer at a lower tariff, substantially reducing the customer’s energy bills and still providing a good ROI for its investors.

Once we answer all of your questions and you decide to apply for funding, the process is remarkably hassle free.

Applying for your funding

Once you complete a non-disclosure agreement with us for confidentiality both ways, all we need initially is…

  • the company or organisation name,
  • the address and postcode(s) of the project site(s)
  • copies of energy bills and half hourly readings for at least the last year

Once these have been received we can then issue a proposal outlining the project’s way forward and energy savings. If these are acceptable then we can proceed to Heads of Terms, with legal completion taking place usually within four to six weeks followed by the construction phase.

Depending on the size of the project, it could be up and running, generating energy and saving money in only a matter of weeks.