Completely covering the cost of going green

Enabling the adoption of cleaner greener energy

The purpose of the fund is to provide 100% funding from international private equity investment and pension funds to cover the capital costs for property and land owners to adopt renewable and sustainable energy solutions at zero capital expenditure, with no interest rates or repayments, and with all servicing & maintenance costs included in the project.

The client then enjoys significantly reduced tariffs until the end of the project at which point the energy is completely free of charge.

Funding verses Capital Expenditure

The funding model is a financially advantageous way to adopt renewable energy for future energy cost reduction and sustainability rather than to do so as capital expenditure, and is usually a  preferred option from shareholders and stakeholders especially as it (a) leaves capital in the company as an asset, and (b) improves the ongoing profitability.

Financial Benefits

Zero capital expenditure – up to 100% of the capital costs can be funded to cover the capital costs of purchase, construction, installation, commissioning, and inclusive of servicing and maintenance.

The financial benefiuts include:  

  • increased capital for investment as own capital can now be re-directed
  • cost and tax savings
  • reduced energy bills
  • increased profitability

Business Benefits

The business benefits to adopting renewable energy rather than fossil fuels  are numerous, and include:

  • increased energy…
  • independence
  • security
  • sustainability
  • reduced energy bills
  • increased…
  • stakeholder confidence
  • green credentials
  • corporate social responsibility

Environmental Benefits

Harvesting solar, wind and wave energy that is currently going to waste has obvious environmental benefits:

  • reduced environmental impact
  • smaller carbon footprint
  • reduced carbon emissions
  • make carbon neutrality easier
  • improve living and working environments
  • increased green credentials
  • corporate social responsibility
  • a clear “Be seen to be green” message to all stakeholders and shareholders


The technologies currently covered by the fund for renewable energy generation:

  • Roof and ground mounted solar arrays
  • solar car-ports and canopies 
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) 
  • Onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • Ground and air source heat exchange 
  • Electricity saving smart LED lighting 
  • Hydro and wave generation
  • Hydrogen based solutions,
  • Biomass and Biofuels

Industries and sectors

Some of the industries we are working on projects for include: 

  • The mining industry
  • Airports and Airfields
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Sports and Leisure clubs
  • Office buildings and campus
  • Business and Retail parks
  • Local Government property
  • Defence infrastructures
  • Farms and land development


We are currently developing and completing projects in a number of countries.

  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Malaysia
  • North America
  • Papua New Guinea
  • South Africa
  • Sub-Sahara Africa
  • United Kingdom & Ireland

The Funding Process

If the client wishes to explore the business, financial and environmental advantages of adopting their own renewable energy rather than from the big energy companies via the national grid, Hausch provide a simple, commitment and cost free* gateway to do so, with the following stages.

  1. Discuss with us your preferred business, financial and environmental aims, objectives, and preferences
  2. Submit your previous years energy bill, statements, and half hourly readings
  3. At zero cost or commitment, we produce a preliminary Impact Assessment Report for you showing the predicted energy cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions 
  4. Once the chosen course of action is agreed, we then provide a full project proposition including the installation size, specifications, positioning, projected energy output, projected year-by-year carbon emissions reduction and a proposed schedule from commencement to commissioning and handover.
  5. Once funding has been approved, formal contracting takes place, energy agreements are completed, and the installation schedule is issued and agreed.

Eligibility for funding

The funding is available for projects that are expected to generate in excess of one megawatt (1MW) of energy from any combination of solar, wind, hydro, wave, and biomass as well as CHP. The fund will consider both the installation, retrofitting or redevelopment of existing property, as well as new developments that have full planning permission.

Funding enquiry form

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Funding enquiry by email

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Energy usage

  • Is the project to remain connected to or disconnected from the grid?:
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Are any of the additional technology of interest?

  • Ground mounted solar panels:
  • Solar carports and canopies:
  • More energy efficient Combined Heat & Power (CHP):
  • Storage Energy reserve and back-up storage:
  • Biomass/Biofuel energy sources:
  • Electric vehicle charging:
  • Internal and/or external energy saving LED:
  • Air Conditioning/heating/ventilation:

Possible Email attachments:

  • drawings.
  • maps, such as a Google maps screenshot possibly with boundaries and proposed site overlaid.
  • Last 12 months electricity bills.
  • Last 12 months ‘half-hourlies’.

Additional comments and notes: