A highly efficient wind-to-energy alternative with lower costs and little or no planning permission



A budget-friendlier, simpler, wind-to-energy solution.

A micro wind power machine, compact & specifically designed to operate at low wind speeds onshore, providing 3 times the power of traditional turbines.

Higher output from low wind

WINDJOULE is a high output device that has been designed to capture the low average wind speeds which are typical in populated areas all over the world. It uses drag and lift components to maximize the available wind resource. The articulating blades are automatically orientated by the prevailing wind current to their optimum position of drag, lift, or downwind.

The revolutionary hybrid design WIN 5 model:

  • has won a UK Government Innovation Award which allowed for wind tunnel testing at Cranfield University.
  • tested as providing 3 times power advantage over traditional turbine of the same size.
  • is simple and slow revving causing less visual and environmental impact than a traditional wind turbine.
  • maximises the available local wind resource, taking advantage of the free and sustainable energy contained in the wind which is all around us.
  • is extremely compact making it possible to cluster machines in small spaces as close as possible to the point of use. (only 15m high).


Overall height: 14.5 metres
Overall width: 3.8 metres
Foundation: 4 metres deep
Click on thumbnail for all dimensions


The Windjoule model ‘Win 5’ is shown here with all eight customisable and removable panels attached. These panels can be changed to company logos, other flags, plain colours, almost anything the customer wants.

Local employment for global impact

Designed, manufactured, and installed in the UK, our turbines can be manufactured under licence anywhere in the world creating local manufacturing and installation work for communities who want to take advantage of wasted wind energy.

Future Developments

Future developments include smaller versions that are intended to be mobile for remote temporary deployment and an emergency relief version built into a shipping container. The unique low level and compact nature of the device makes this possible.

More information.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any more information about this enhanced less expensive wind-to-energy technology that needs little or no planning permission.



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